Some TV FB & BB are imitated by some Maine H.S. athletes/athletic teams!

I have stated several times on this BLOG over the past 6 plus years that the reason that high school basketball here in Maine is at an all time low fundamental wise is because many high school players, coaches, parents, relatives and fans think that the way the game is played on TV in the NBA and NCAA D-1’s College March Madness is the way it should be played in Maine’s high school basketball now.

Many of Maine high school coaches try to have their players to imitate the NBA or D-1 very athletic players who rely primarily on their athleticism and not basketball fundamental skills or basketball IQ’s.

Most of the Maine high school basketball players do not have these same athletic skills and good things usually don’t happen when a person tries to do something that they don’t have the skill or talent to do. In basketball it usually ends up as a turnover, a poor shot or a foul.

Some professional athletes or teams may not think that they are role models, but they are, whether they think they are or not, or like it or not, or positive or negative or not.

Maine just had it’s first high school athletic team have 9 of of their players imitate the lead of non-playing activities of some 200 plus NFL players by kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem on this past Monday as a Girls Soccer team from Western Maine knelt during the playing of the National Anthem before their Monday’s home game.

Article about this girls soccer team doing this this past Monday is in the online sports edition of the BDN dated Tuesday, September 26.

Hmmm. Now I wonder if any Maine high school varsity football team(s) will do this this coming weekend?

Then will a Maine High School varsity basketball team(s) do it this winter?

Don’t tell me that TV doesn’t influence high school athletes or athletics one way or another in the way the game is played or the non-playing activities of the participants.

On the TV the imitation of basketball has been trying to play an athletic game when you don’t have the needed athleticism to play this way and in a girls high school soccer contest it has been imitating of kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem.

If the kneeling hadn’t been done by so many Pro Football players this past Sunday do you think these girl soccer team members would have thought to do kneel during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner?

Regardless of how a person feels about this kneeling during the National Anthem it will be interesting to see if it will influence more Maine high school fall sports players/teams to follow by imitating that was seen this past Sunday, especially football, to do the same thing?

It will also be interesting to see how the mpa and each individual high school handles this if it happens at their high school interscholastic athletic games in the future.

I wonder did any Maine high school interscholastic players/teams kneel during the National Anthem last year when a NFL player, not 200 plus, knelt during the games during the playing of the Anthem?

Just “wonderin” in print!

Oh yes, just for clarification. Webster’s definition of imitate is 1. “seek to follow the example of 2. to mimic 3. to reproduce in form, color, etc. 4. to resemble.