Possible New Unorthodox Strategies to more successfully recruit the best Maine high school boys basketball players for UMaine

Being an unorthodox thinking basketball person throughout my entire career as a basketball player, coach, official. Radio/TV Color Commentator, Author and currently as a basketball writer as an octogenarian now here’s many unorthodox suggestions about new possible method strategies to help more successfully recruit the best of Maine high school basketball players for the UMaine […]

Joel Embiid’s & Nikola Jokic’s comparable NBA regular & Playoff stats for All-NBA lst & 2nd team selections!

Here are the stats that I said I would post to compare Embiid’s and Jokic’s regular season and playoff stats used  in selecting them to the first and second All-NBA teams. This article is to go along with my  latest weekly BLOG this past Tuesday about “basketball players playing basketball versus athletes playing basketball. Regular […]

Basketball players playing BB versus athletes playing basketball: NBA Centers-Jokic lst All NBA team-Embiid 2nd Team

SPECIAL MIDDLE OF THE WEEK BASKETBALL BLOG EDITION. There is no question that the game of basketball has become much more athletic over the years. It is more athletes playing basketball versing fewer basketball players playing basketball except maybe for the international NBA players of which there are 108 of 450 roster spots. But, there […]

NCAA Men’s Rules committee to propose increased 3 point distance & 20 second reset on offensive rebounds

The NCAA  men’s basketball rules committee is going to recommend two major rule changes for the coming 2019-20 season. The first is increasing the 3 point shot distance from it;s current 20’9″ from the center of the basket to the international distance which is 22 feet 1 3/4 inches and the second is setting of […]